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*She guided me at my own pace to learn to reconnect with myself and my partners.  I learned a new way to think about physical intimacy which is centered on spiritual insight and self-reliance.
Richard D.

*Couples lessons are absolutely amazing.  We have been 4 times and always feel more relaxed, energized, positive, and deeply connected. We look forward to the experience more and more each time we go.
Todd H.

*I found myself more sexually open minded during and after we ended. I plan on returning for more sessions as well as brining my husband along to experience the energy which left me feeling happy, relaxed and more grounded.
Nikole F.

どの様に自分自身とリコネクトし、パートナーと向き合うかを自分にあったペースで学ぶことができました。スピリチュアルと本来の自分に基づいた、新しい肉体の接し方も知ることができました。 リチャード D

トッド H

ニコール F

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